BSE concept

ZERO-EMISSION ENERGY POWER PLANT – BSE is several times more effective than other energy generation solutions known on the market. The exemplary module of the ZERO EMISSION POWER PLANT has a nominal power of 5 MW (productivity: 8760h x 5 MW = 43800 MWh/year) and consists of 10 generators with a continuous power of 5 MW operating stably 24 hours a day. The area used for the 5 MW power plant is very small and amounts to approximately 2,500 m2. We can build a Zero-Emission Power Plant with any power ranging from 1 to 50 MW by combining many smaller modules.

ZERO-EMISSION POWER POWER PLANT 5 MW and PV – Photovoltaic Power Plant 45 MW are installations with similar annual energy production and have design parameters: BSE – productivity 1 MW = 8760 MWh/year, PV – productivity 1 MW = 1100 MWh/year; investment/plot area for BSE – 0.25 ha, for PV – 35 ha; stability of energy generation for BSE – stable 24 hours a day for PV – unstable/works only on sunny days; time to obtain PnB for BSE – 0.5 year for PV – min. 1.5 years; the energy produced by BSE and PV is ecological energy.

Other arguments favorable to the BSE project:

  • land tax is several dozen times smaller due to the investment area,
  • The zero-emission energy plant is located next to the plant/energy recipient – no transmission costs or capacity fees,
  • EU subsidies for BSE – it is a very innovative and breakthrough technology, so it can be financed from EU subsidies,
  • Energy costs for the end customer are 30-50% (depending on the terms of cooperation) lower than current market prices,
  • Additionally, BSE has full investment financing without the end customer’s capital involvement,