We are the first and so far the only group in Poland – an “energy services company” – that provides comprehensive energy services as defined by the Directive 2006/32/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 5, 2006, on end-use energy efficiency and energy services, as well as the “energy service provider” mentioned in the Directive 2012/27/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of October 25, 2012, on energy efficiency. In this capacity, we offer comprehensive construction, financing, and maintenance of Autonomous Power Systems, achieved through the so-called “Zero-Emission Power Plant” (ZEPP) operating 8760 hours a year and generating absolutely clean energy sourced from the environment.

Renewable energy includes wind, biomass (e.g., landfill gas and biogas), hydro, solar (thermal and photovoltaic), geothermal, and tidal energy. These renewable sources are intended as alternatives to fossil fuels (oil, coal, natural gas) and nuclear fuel (uranium). The utilization of renewable energy sources significantly depends on their concentration. Although solar energy is the most abundant, it is also the most dispersed. Wind energy can be more concentrated, with a single wind turbine capable of producing several to dozens of megawatts. In Poland, hydroelectric power plants, utilizing water from a large area, can generate megawatt-level power, with the largest pumped-storage power plant producing 716 MW.

Thanks to new applications of physical laws, the use of many unique innovations, and the combination of several unique technologies, we have created an innovative and so far the only stable, emission-free, and fully accessible, ecological energy source. It can successfully compete with known renewable power plants (sun, wind, water) as well as conventional power plants based on the combustion of fossil fuels (coal, gas, oil, uranium).

The ZERO-EMISSION POWER PLANT – ZEPP is several times more efficient than other known market solutions for generating energy. An example ZEPP module has a nominal capacity of 5 MW (productivity: 8760h x 5 MW = 43800 MWh/year) and consists of 10 generators with a continuous power of 5 MW, operating stably 24 hours a day. The land use for a 5 MW plant is very small, about 2500 m2. We can build Zero-Emission Power Plants of any power between 1 – 50 MW by connecting many smaller modules.

The ZERO-EMISSION POWER PLANT 5 MW and a PV – Photovoltaic Plant 45 MW are installations with similar annual energy production and possess design parameters: ZEPP – productivity 1 MW = 8760 MWh/year, PV – productivity 1 MW = 1100 MWh/year; investment area/plot for ZEPP – 0.25 ha, for PV – 35 ha; energy generation stability for ZEPP – stable 24 hours/day, for PV – unstable/operates only on sunny days; time to obtain a permit for ZEPP – 0.5 years, for PV – at least 1.5 years; the energy generated by ZEPP and PV is ecological.

Additional benefits of the ZEPP project include:

  • the Zero-Emission Power Plant is located at the energy recipient’s site – eliminating transmission costs and capacity fees,
  • energy costs for the end customer are 30-50% (depending on cooperation conditions) lower than current market prices,
  • additionally, ZEPP has full investment financing without the end customer’s capital involvement,
  • significantly lower property tax due to the small footprint of the investment.

At our own expense, we will undertake the construction of the Zero-Emission Power Plant and modernize existing technical installations at your facility, adapting them to utilize new, ecological energy sources. The benefit for your company is receiving rent for leasing the land for the investment and the possibility to purchase energy at preferential conditions, with prices 30 – 50% lower than standard market prices, without any investment costs. An additional advantage is access to fully ecological and emission-free energy.


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