As a strategic partner in the energy sector, we collaborate with a leading Business Group and an internationally recognized Financial Institution, which operates in over 30 countries worldwide. Our collaboration involves the management and development of an impressive portfolio of dozens of investment companies, allowing us to efficiently utilize accumulated capital and technology to realize ambitious energy projects. We pride ourselves on having about 3GW of operational energy projects, demonstrating our significant contribution to the global energy transformation.

Our long-term cooperation with these entities not only gives us access to cutting-edge technologies but also a deep understanding of the dynamics of the energy market. This enables us to offer solutions tailored to the needs of our clients and partners in Poland and other Central European countries. Our commitment to the energy sector is confirmed by having exclusive rights to implement advanced technologies in this region, making us a leader in promoting sustainable development.

Thanks to a stable financial backing, our Investment Fund has the necessary resources to finance new energy initiatives, with planned project implementations totaling about 1000 MW between 2023 and 2025. This ambitious endeavor will not only strengthen our market position but also contribute to accelerating the energy transformation, enabling access to clean and renewable energy on an even larger scale.

Understanding the importance of transparency in investment processes, we commit to fully disclosing data and information regarding our partners and project details as soon as the official investment process begins. This will allow interested parties to become acquainted with the scope of our activities, as well as our technological and financial potential, facilitating the building of durable and mutually trusted business relationships.

In our vision for the future of energy, the development of projects based on renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and innovative technologies such as energy storage and smart energy grids holds a key place. We believe that through our collaboration with global leaders and our commitment to implementing strategic projects, we can significantly contribute to building a sustainable energy future.


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