Green Energy – Hybrid Power Plant is a unique power station generating green energy that integrates several highly innovative technologies into one system. This modern solution focuses on providing energy in the immediate vicinity of end-users, such as industrial plants, district heating plants, residential communities, technology parks, steel mills, or large energy consumers. The Hybrid Power Plant with a capacity of 5 MW occupies significantly less space (2500 m2/5 MW) compared to photovoltaic farms with similar energy productivity (45 MW), allowing it to be housed in a single enclosed hall.

This innovative approach maximizes the utilization of available resources in areas with limited space while ensuring equally efficient energy generation. Green Energy Hybrid Power Plant combines the advantages of various technologies, including photovoltaics, wind power, and other modern energy sources, providing versatility and stability in electricity generation. As a result, this solution can effectively supply green energy to local communities, contributing to sustainable development and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.