As a provider of technology and capital, the renowned Business Group, in collaboration with an International Financial Institution recognized internationally and actively operating in over 30 countries, forms the foundation of our operations. We are proud to be part of an ecosystem that includes ownership of several dozen investment companies, managing significant assets across various economic sectors. Notably, we own about 3GW of operational energy projects, demonstrating our solid position and experience in the energy sector.

Our collaboration with these key entities spans many years and encompasses a variety of projects, allowing us to deepen and refine our knowledge and skills in this industry. We are authorized to implement advanced technologies in Poland and other Central European countries, highlighting our strategic significance in the region. Additionally, we have access not only to cutting-edge technological solutions but also to the robust financial backing necessary for their implementation.

Our Investment Fund is ready and capable of financing projects with a total capacity of approximately 1000 MW, planned for realization in 2023 – 2025. This ambitious initiative will contribute to the development of sustainable energy and support the economic and social goals of the regions where these projects will be implemented.

We commit to full transparency and openness in the investment process. Detailed information about our partners, the business group structure, as well as technical and financial details of our projects, will be made available to interested parties upon the official commencement of the investment process. Our commitment to building lasting and trust-based business relationships is key to fulfilling our mission – delivering innovative and sustainable energy solutions that meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s world.