The modern world requires increasing amounts of energy and gas. The growing population, rapid economic development, and advancements in creating and utilizing new technologies contribute to the continuous rise in demand for electricity and gas. Additionally, soaring prices of these products due to the current political situation result in a drastic increase in production costs. Current forecasts indicate that energy and energy resource prices will continue to rise (even by several dozen percent year over year) due to:

  • Increased demand for energy carriers.
  • Limited supply of fossil energy carriers.
  • Growing climate pressure.
  • Outdated energy system.

Responding to the expectations of the European energy market, especially its end consumers, our Group, as a specialized Energy Service Provider (ESP), has developed a special package of energy services. This enables our clients to achieve energy independence and climate neutrality while simultaneously improving the profitability and competitiveness of the products and services they offer. Our proposed technical-business model allows you to completely forgo the purchase of conventional energy, gas, and fossil fuels “from the outside” and independently produce green gas and energy for your own use, without incurring transmission costs and capacity fees. Our concept allows for a 30-50% reduction in the total cost of energy purchase without incurring investment costs.

The ongoing process of “Free Energy Transformation,” using our technical, legal, and organizational solutions, does not burden your company’s budget.

Within these activities, we would like to offer you:

  1. Preparation and construction of an innovative Emission-Free Power Plant next to your facility, providing energy independence in terms of purchasing electricity, gas, and fossil fuels (self-production of green energy and gas without external purchases). An example Power Plant with a continuous output of 5 MW (5 x 8760 hours = 43800 MWh/year) is a building on a plot of approximately 2500 m2, featuring an innovative hybrid solution for eco-friendly energy production. The unique and efficient technology used ensures a stable energy source. Several such ecological solutions are already operational worldwide. Additionally, building an oversized power plant according to your consumption expectations allows profitable energy production for external companies, generating additional financial income from connected energy consumers nearby. We guarantee full 100% financing for this investment project with loan repayment secured solely by the energy sales contract.
  2. Achieving low emissions for your Production Facility by employing innovative technologies for green energy, hydrogen, heat, technical gasses, and production processes using the Emission-Free Power Plant and other unique solutions.
  3. Obtaining EU subsidies for your company for this and other implemented energy projects.
  4. Securing full debt financing for your company’s investment projects in the energy sector.
  5. Establishing a Special Purpose Company or launching a joint Business Consortium to provide energy services for your company and external energy consumers.
  6. Preparing energy efficiency audits, energy audits, low-emission strategies, and energy transformation concepts for your company and external consumers.

Many companies in Poland are actively seeking methods to reduce energy market-related costs. Our undeniable argument lies in possessing a unique, groundbreaking, and efficient energy production technology, along with our own, very cost-effective financing for these projects. Thanks to this, the entire investment process of the “Free Energy Transformation” Program takes place without your financial involvement.