Local governments play a crucial role in implementing Polish climate and energy policies, as an increasing number of municipalities undertake investments in projects related to renewable energy sources (RES). The motivation for local governments to engage in energy and climate projects is primarily pragmatic, focusing on aspects such as savings, local development, and environmental conservation.

Involvement in green initiatives, such as the modernization of buildings or lighting, stems mainly from the desire to increase energy efficiency, translating into tangible savings for all stakeholders. Local governments are increasingly motivated to take actions that will not only contribute to improving the quality of life for residents but also positively impact the sustainable development of the local community.

The main source of funding for such projects is primarily European Union funds allocated for energy transformation. The Ministry of Development and Technology, through the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, plays a significant role in supporting local governments in implementing these investments, which is a key element in accelerating energy transformation at the local level.